Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Greedy Companys that do not care about the Consumers

                    The thing i have noticed is all Game Company's Care about money more than the people that are supporting them. By that i mean the People paying money for their games. The first company i will talk about is Nintendo. When i was a kid my dad bought me Game Boy Games. Till this day i still have them and play them. Well after the Game Boy Color came out around the year 1998.I thought this was even better.Interesting thing was that the Game Boy Color could play both Game Boy and Game Boy Color Games. I did have a difficulty of seeing the screen when outside so i mostly played it in the house with the light on. Come to find out the same time the Game Boy Color came out In America

so did the Game Boy Lite in Japan. The Game Boy Light is the equivalent of a Game Boy and Game Boy Color except it actually had a back light so you could play your games in the dark. I thought this was real cool but come to find out it was not going to be released in America i was sad. Did Nintendo of Japan think that they would not make enough money off all the people that were in other Countries? I wanted to buy one online but it cost way to much just because people know that they can charge a high price if you really want one. Later on came out the Game Boy Advance in the year 2001.
I was so happy about this all new games to play and was a lot more advance just as the title says. This could play Game Boy,Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance Games. Again the only downfall of this was it did not have a built in light. Still had to play indoors. Down the line Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance Sp in the year 2003.
Sadly this did not have New games just because it was a customized Game Boy Advance with a different design. This finally had a back-light.So the Game Boy Advance Sp Played all the 3 type of games. Now this is around the time when i noticed Nintendo was pulling a fast one. They came out with Game Boy Advance SP Brighter Version. All this had was a glossy finish and a second setting on the back-light to get brighter. Every time they sold these Brand New Designs it was outrageously priced. So they expect the kids to beg their parents to buy them it. Guilty as charged i would always be nagging my father to buy it for me =D. Around the year 2004. There was also one other Game Boy Advance design i really was not fond of that was that was the Game Boy Micro. It look like it had a bright screen but the screen way to small it hurt my eyes to play for a long period. The micro came out in 2005 so you can figure a lot of people bought the Game Boy Advance Sp instead. Then those systems got Blown Out Of The Water when The Nintendo DS got released in that same year 2005. The first thing i noticed was my Game Boy and Game Boy Color games did not fit the slot to play games. But Game Boy Advance fit in it to play say Good Bye to the brighter screen though. So of course you guessed they came out with a New Design for the Bulky DS and that was the DS LITE in a one year difference 2006. This had a Slim Sleek Design it was a brighter screen. It improved the Game Boy Advance Games and the DS games. By the way the Feature that was New on the DS i forgot to mention is it had Dual Screens and the bottom has a Resistive Touch Screen so you can interact with the game as if you were there in side it. The DSI was released in 2009 this was was an absolute Gimmick there was no new games for it they got rid of the Game Boy Advance slot just to add two Cameras in the front and back. The DSI XL had Double the size screens key word XL. That is it no new games.
Finally the 3DS was released which not only had new games but also had a new feature 3D =D Hence forth 3DS. The games that came out were innovative.
 The only thing i have noticed about the DS Games and the Wii is called the family centered system. Really there is not that many mature rated games for it. With that being said lets go on to the Wii.
I was so excited when i heard about this. This is when motion sensor were introduced to us. I have to admit the Wii Remote and Nunchuk were Hard to get used to. I can see why Nintendo would want to divide a controller in half with the bases of an analog stick and two buttons separate from a d pad with buttons designed and positioned like similar to the GameCube Controller.
The interesting thing about the Wii was the price 250 that is a pretty reasonable price. The white Wii has the capability to play GameCube games the reason this is important is Nintendo decided to release a cheaper version of the Black Wii.
Once again the reason for the lower price is there is no GameCube compatibility it is only strictly for Wii games. The gimmick they introduced with is Motion PLUS. I have never owned one to be honest but i think it suppose to increase balance or something.
This is the recent Game system that has been released it is called the Wii U. Just like its predecessor it has the function of the Wii. I am not sure its built in or if it is an emulator. Nintendo sold two different Deals if you would call it that... First the the one that is pictured here is called the Basic Set it comes with 8 GB internal memory storage. It has a touch Resistive touch screen which is cheaper to pruduce. Most android phones have Capacitive touch screens. So basically the idea of the touch from the DS was incorporated into the Wii U Game Pad